During all these years in the Industry we have developed a strong relationship with fishermen and their unions. Because of this they provide us many kinds of resources during the year, our diversification gives them the chance to work their territories not only for a particular season but the whole year, allowing us to commit with our clients a constant, fresh and high quality supplying. This mutual compromise keeps us involved with the community not only financing part of their work operation, but also contributing with their schools, local festivities and Social responsibility programs in their communities. Our networking includes over 400

small and medium artisan’s boats, and hundreds of fishermen´s families get their income from our operations. Our goal in the near future is to be able to identify the fishermen after each catch, the technique they used, the location, the date of harvest, the plant where the processes were made in order to inform to our customers all about our products. To achieve this we are committed in the development of a traceability system tailor made. This will connect our whole network, to allow the final customer to get to know the history behind the seafood we offer them and to learn about our environmental and social compromise.